Viraj Kadam


About Viraj Kadam

Web Development to Wild Explorer

Viraj Kadam is an indian software developer, nature explorer and dreamer. Viraj also likes try new food and read technology blogs. IOT and Programming being his favourite topics of reading viraj kadam likes to write articles sometimes.

Viraj Kadam loves teaching and programming by heart and by prooffesion too. Also being a nature lover Viraj Kadam loves to wander and trek in natures womb.


Viraj Kadam likes imporving his skills and appriciate others skills as skills are representations of individuals obsession and hardwork. Skills are ment to progrress an individual.

Web Development 90%
Good Communication 75%
Product Manegement 80%
Watching Movies 95%
Sarcasm 100%



Sangli, Pune